How are you celebrating Tourism Week in Canada? Coordinated by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC), this national grassroots initiative brings attention to the economic opportunities available to Canada, and Grey County, through travel and tourism.
To celebrate Tourism Week and acknowledge the operators, employees, suppliers, destination marketing organizations, visitor centres, sectors, and others who contribute to this important industry, we are inviting stakeholders from every community to spread the word that #TourismMattersInGrey.
As you know, the tourism industry is a powerful force in Grey County. Approximately 2.7 million visitors vacationed in Grey County in 2016, contributing $333.7 million in revenue to the County’s economy. Tourism touches every part of Grey County and has become one of Grey County’s leading business sectors. The Grey County visitor economy comprises 1,337 tourism-related businesses that employ 8,868 people.
Join the 2019 Tourism Week Celebrations and try some of these simple ways to show your community that #TourismMattersinGrey:

Take the Tourist Challenge on and encourage your colleagues and friends to do the same, so they can learn how to be a local tourism ambassador.

Download and share our infographic on the impact of tourism on Grey County's economy with your friends and colleagues. Demonstrate to them that #TourismMattersInGrey.

Update your Twitter and Facebook page with our #TourismMattersInGrey banners, (the image you see at the top of your Twitter and Facebook pages), and encourage your colleagues and stakeholders to do the same.  Download Social Media Facebook and Twitter Banner.

Take photos of tourism activities, (attractions, tourism employees, your welcome signage, etc.), and share them on social media using the hashtags #TourismMattersInGrey and #TourismWeek and tagging @VisitGrey on Instagram and Twitter and @greycountytourism on Facebook. By tagging us and using these hashtags, we can ensure that all Grey County Tourism Week activities are easily tracked and shared.

Share your story of why you work in tourism on social media using the hashtags #TourismMattersInGrey and #TourismWeek. Encourage all your colleagues and stakeholders to do the same.

Follow Grey County on our social channels and share, like and retweet as we spread the word about Tourism Week in our Grey County communities.

Share stories of exceptional customer service with Grey County Tourism. Tell us about the time when someone in your organization delighted a customer and helped create a memorable experience. What did they do to make the experience so special? Send your stories, photos or videos showcasing exceptional customer service to Grey County Tourism. And if you are passionate about your career in tourism and want to inspire students and others to join the industry, email about how you can join the speakers’ bureau.

Tune into Mix 106.5’s Cory & Jamie In The Morning from 7:00am - 8:00am all this week for a chance to win Tourism Themed prize packages offered on-air every day. Look out for our summer students at events across Grey County all summer long and snap a photo at our #TourismMattersInGrey consumer activation. Have an event that you would like us to attend? Email us your request to see how we can support.
We sincerely hope that you will be part of this celebration. Thank you for helping to build tourism into one of Grey County’s leading and sustainable industries, and for supporting Tourism Week, May 26 to June 2, 2019.