Grey County Tourism hosted a successful social media session at the Town of the Blue Mountains Office on Tuesday, October 24. 
The presentation was brought to the industry by Alicia Whalen formerly the owner of 'A Couple of Chicks Digital Marketing', founder of the Online Revealed Conference and now consultant,, has been a leading expert in digital marketing for over 15 years, assisting many with the digital age and in working with the connected consumer.
In this session, Alicia Whalen, with guided the group through the 7 digital and social media marketing tactics that you need to know to drive the new connected travellers of today.  
Highlights included:
·         Consumers are moving across devices and across channels with the buying journey happening across multiple touch points. What do travel marketers need to know to get, and keep audience engagement - and ultimately drive sales.
·         How mobile has impacted travel and tourism: In-destination searches and shorter decision making time to booking, travellers are choosing travel experiences based on multiple factors. Find out where your business needs to be in order to drive travellers down the path to conversion.
·         Travel reviews now impact the bottom line more than ever before, consumers spending more time on social media channels, and more time on mobile devices - looking for specific information like Directions, Contact and Reviews + easy booking or buying.
.         Where does your marketing resources and dollars need to be spent in 2018 in order to win with the new connected consumer of today - and most importantly, how to benchmark and measure success.
We have made Alicia Whalen's Presentation available online to the attendees so they may review the content at their leisure, and re-absorb all of the great content and recommendations presented.

Photos for the day: