Grey County Tourism partnered with RTO7 to deliver an Experience Development 101 workshop on June 19. This innovative workshop is an introductory program designed to help tourism industry partners explore the fundamentals of experience development. The program looks at what’s essential for industry partners to turn a product or an activity into a memorable and remarkable experience. A total of 26 industry partners learned new ways to grow their Grey County tourism related business, enhance competitive appeal, and respond to what travellers are seeking. They also learned about the importance of collaboration and the power of partnerships to expand their experience offering and generate more revenue.
Guided by RTO7's Kim Clarke, participants worked together in groups to apply their new understanding of experience-building concepts and process, creating new ways to raise the bar on the visitor experience in Grey County and meet the growing demand for more unique tourism experiences. Visitors want to be connected to their destinations through unique experiences that tell the story of a destination’s people, culture and geography.   Being able to create new and unique experiences that do this and are profitable at the end of the day is key to future growth of Grey County’s tourism industry. Grey County Tourism will continue to work with partners that attended the program to identify opportunities to help create new market ready and export ready tourism experiences over the next year.