Published Date: September 7, 2022

I love a good road trip. It’s a time to pack some crushable snacks, listen to your favourite album on repeat and invite someone fun to create new memories with. October tends to draw locals out for fall tours and local adventures and this time around, I convinced my mom to hop in and join me for a day in Southgate, the southeast corner of Grey County, where it all begins. I’ll explain.

The day started with a leisurely drive on Highway 10 to Dundalk, Ontario. It has been years since I’ve been to this small Grey County town - possibly even 17. My mom and I used to come here for the annual step dance competition every spring, way before the first Tim Hortons even came to town. It felt right coming back to Dundalk with my biggest fan and fellow foodie.

As luck would have it, it was a misty fall day which basically served as an invitation to cozy up with some warm beverages (French Toast Latte and Cinnamon Chai Latte) courtesy of the Common Grounds café and a belly warming breakfast from The Junction . These were unchartered waters to us so when the menu read “3 fluffy pancakes’ it seemed like a must order, must confirm type of situation. On the table, we nibbled on the tater tot skillet, southern omelet and a plate of pancakes to share. Final verdict? Some of the thickest, fluffiest pancakes we’ve ever ordered and will order again.

If you need to walk off the epic spread, check out some of the downtown shops: ABC’s Flowers and Gifts , McDonald Home Hardware , and Endless Tempations . A few shoppable spots on the main strip.

Next, our imaginary map took us to Conn to check out the Misty Meadows Market which proved to be a one-stop shop for all things fruits + veggies, gift items, baked goods and other essentials. It truly is exciting when you are headed somewhere completely unknown. This was one of those spots for us and clearly it was the spot to visit. The parking lot was full, veggies were well stocked, locally grown and full of vibrancy and the baking shelves did not disappoint. We left with corn, broccoli, and some frozen meals prepared by Pebble’s Family buffet for Grandma. She loves those.

As the morning turned to afternoon, the clouds cleared and we began to see blue skies for the final leg of the trip. And just when we thought we couldn’t eat one more thing, we decided to challenge that thought. Rolling into Holstein our eyes completely fixated on Spanky’s food truck located beside the Holstein General Store – which also offers a variety of goodies. We ordered a couple of sodas and a specialty poutine (drenched in cheese sauce as you can see) and sorted through the day’s photos.

Only a stone’s throw away, we ended the day with a visit to the Holstein Dam . With ample intimate viewing points and the sounds of rushing water and musical leaves, it felt like a worthy send off to a great day with mom. Cue the Sum 41 throwback album and en route home we went.

Grey County is pretty small but yet there are so many neat spots ready to be explored. I feel very honoured to live in this beautiful part of Ontario and even more excited to know that I’ve yet to see it all.  If you find yourself in the Southgate region, make sure to show these businesses some love. They may not be on your main route but you gotta eat at some point, right?

Originally published in fall 2021.

Holstein Dam
Stef Richardson

Guest Writer: Stef Richardson

I consider myself a small town gal (raised here in Grey County) with an interest in all things food, culture, community & people. Known for my clogging, blogging and vlogging, my work seeks to showcase the love and appreciation I have for all that is discoverable in Ontario. There is something equally invigorating and addictive about creating relationships with business owners across the region and getting a behind-the-scenes tour of all that they're passionate about. I'm all about digging lokal and sharing my discoveries with the adventurous + foodies at heart.  Follow along  @lokaldigs

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