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Stefanie Richardson
Grey County Insider
Published Date: October 12, 2018

Sometimes, you don’t even need to pack your bag or drive far to experience the good things. You know - tasty food, scenic views and warm greetings  – all things you look for when you’re vacationing.  Most times I’m completely content with the small joys that Grey County has to offer and find myself eager to round up the troops for a full day of local fun, or what some like to call a ‘stay-cation’.                                                                                        

It doesn’t just start and end with food though. I make sure to include some picturesque sights and comical anecdotes – the full 360 scoop on some of my favourite hot spots.  Truth is, it’s all about the chase. Always looking for the next best thing but hold my favourite people, places and things close because they’ll stand the test of time.

Depending on whom you’re adventuring with and where your starting point is, you may want to mix and match the order of these destinations and even add a few of your own. This is only to be a guide, a highlight list or even simply spark an idea of new ways to explore our county.

The Roost Wine Company

The Roost Wine Company for Wine Tasting
A hidden gem perched in Redwing, The Roost offers the most picturesque views of the Beaver Valley and a glance of Georgian Bay from a distance.  Cozy up with a fleece blanket, enjoy some of their delicious cold-climate wines and indulge in a chocolate plates alongside their patio.  They are open Wednesday-Sunday from 12-6pm until the end of October so you’ll want to pay them a visit very soon.

Downtown Hanover for Donuts at Schultz Bakery
Don’t let the long drive deter you from making the trek over to this popular bakery. I’m talking honey dipped, maple dipped, chocolate dipped, powdered jelly and the infamous raspberry fritter - Are you in yet? These pillows of heaven are a hot topic in the Grey County vicinity and if you don’t roll out of bed quick enough to grab one – you’ll miss out. It’s 100% worth the drive.  

Hear the Crashing Cascades at Inglis Falls
I swear it only takes one Grey County waterfall sighting to remind me while I love where I live. With easy access, it’s a great pit stop for you and the pals to catch up, snap a few photos and take in all the beauty the literally surrounds you from every angle.

Thornbury Bakery for Caffeine + Sweet Things
This family-owned business whips up some of the best pastries in town! It’s the perfect place to get your caffeine fix and nibble on one of their famous cinnamon buns or chelsea buns. They can be enjoyed in their newly renovated café (which is stunning by the way) or along the way amidst the fall colours to your next destination.  Turn on your favourite throwback playlist and now we’re talkin’!

Thornbury Bakery
The Cheese Gallery

The Cheese Gallery for Some Cheese and Charcuterie
This local shop in Thornbury is the place to visit when you’re in the market for gourmet cheese and locally made accompaniments.  Their café is the perfect atmosphere to take a midday break, sip on some tea and enjoy a cheeseboard. The spicy pecans are my fave!

Carrot Cake at The Kitchen in Meaford
No word of a lie – best carrot cake I’ve ever had. With thin layers of cream cheese icing and pineapple chunks, it adds a moist and flavourful twist to the classic carrot cake recipe. Megan the owner makes her all of her delicious sweet and savory menu items in house and is almost always at the restaurant to say hi!

Take-out Pizza from Amici Pizzeria
The best pizza in town – friendly owners, delicious flavours and they know what is up when it comes to pizza. After a long day, nothing is more perfect than unwinding with a pizza at home or having an autumn picnic at the Meaford Harbour while catching the sunset. One of my absolute favourite spots to sit, reflect, dream and be thankful.

I’m not sure that the curiosity and full-blown love for Grey County will ever truly go away. As a Meaford raised gal, I grew up with this community and it’s ever so heart warming seeing this county prosper year after year. There is so much to see and explore in any season, so if you’re like me and crave a taste of Grey, add these destinations to the next group roadie. You may even see me there!


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