Grey County Tourism hosted a speaking session at Heartwood Concert Hall in Owen Sound on February 16, 2017, presented by Dr. Rumeet Billan 'How to Lead Millennials'.  The session was extremely well received with 60 people in attendance.  Dr Rumeet Billan offered a definition of a Millennial, how to work with the assets that are offered by Millennial employees, their needs in the workplace and ran through some scenarios and strategies that would assist with retention of the Millennial generation. The main learning objectives were as follows,1. Understanding the unique attributes of the Millennial generation2. Examining connections between recruitment and the Millennial expereince3. Evaluating current strategies used to recruit, engage and retain Millennials and develop their leadership capacity4. Developing specific strategies that can be integrated in the workplace to foster retention among Millennials.
 Dr Rumeet Billan has made her presentation available to the attendees of the sessions, view it here. OR
About Rumeet BillanDr. Rumeet Billan is a Professor and the President and CEO of Viewpoint Leadership.She teaches, writes and speaks on leadership and emotional resiliency and her focus is on research and the development of global competence and emotional intelligence. At the age of 25 and again at age 28, Rumeet received the honour of being named one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women. She has been featured in and continues to integrate her business and research with her passion forcreating change through education.   and
About Heartwood Concert Hall, Owen SoundGreat new concert hall and event space right downtown in Owen Sound serving the Grey/Bruce region. Beautiful, warm, inviting space on the 2nd floor with great natural light. Excellent PA, lighting and video. Available and suitable for many types of functions. Ample seating, beautiful bar, skylights, outdoor patio, artists green room, set up for catering (kitchen). Large stage. 150 capacity. Right above the amazing Heartwood Home store (and cafe & hair salon) on the main level!