The Saugeen River route offers the paddler the most variety for choosing the length of trip desired. The paddle can be shortened or lengthened by taking advantage of the numerous access points near the riverside towns and highways. Signs posted along the highway mark these access points with a convenient number system, which can be referenced on the Saugeen River system map.
Below is a short reference to distances available and estimated times for paddling:

Saugeen River Access #1 and 2:   Are recommended for only experienced paddlers as high water, obstacles and heavy rapids will be encountered along this section of the river.
Saugeen River Access #3 to 5:  The put in for the total 102-kilometer river trip begins here at the Hanover Town Park in Hanover. This section includes three dams once used for both milling and hydroelectric purposes.

Paddling Access
Closest Communities


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