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Ted Barris – Friday October 7 at 7 pm, Hanover Civic Centre Theatre

Canada played a huge role in WW2, a fact that is often forgotten and left out of epic war films. Ted Barris will be speaking about the Atlantic War as described in his newest book, “Battle of the Atlantic: Gauntlet to Victory”.

For five and a half years, German surface warships and submarines attempted to destroy Allied trans-Atlantic convoys, most of which were escorted by Royal Canadian Navy ships, as well as aircraft of the Royal Canadian Air Force. Throwing deadly U-boat “wolf packs” in the paths of the convoys, the Nazis almost succeeded in cutting off this vital lifeline to Great Britain.

Although Canada began the war in 1939 with only thirteen warships, the RCN became the 4th largest navy in the world by 1945. The story of Canada’s naval awakening from the dark, bloody winters of 1939–1942, to be “ready, aye, ready” to challenge the U-boats and drive them to defeat, is a Canadian wartime saga for the ages. While Canadians think of the Great War battle of Vimy Ridge as the country’s coming of age, it was the Battle of the Atlantic that proved Canada’s gauntlet to victory and a nation-building milestone.

Tickets for this fascinating talk are only $5 and are available at the library or at the door. Call (519) 364-1420 for more info



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